We’re so focused on White privilege, we forgot about Black privilege

The oppressed becomes the oppressor

So what does Black privilege actually look like?

Black privilege starts with the mass media support to promote the narrative of Black oppression, crowding out any other perspective

This is a screenshot of my Medium homepage. Of the five stories that are being pushed, four of them supportive the mainstream pro-Black, anti-everyone else narrative. Again, not saying that these points aren’t worth talking about, but flooding the discussion doesn’t make it easy or rational for others to have a differing opinion.

Black privilege is held up by over representation of Black people and Black culture in society and culture

Take a guess at what % of America is Black? Based on 2019 census estimates, that number is 13.4% — probably a number lower than you expected.

Black people receive more government assistance than any other racial category

Every so often, the topic of reparations comes up. The fact that in America, no Black person living today had to live through slavery or that no other person living today (Black or any other color) ever owned slaves — this should be enough evidence to shut down the conversation. If we want to go back through the history books and list out every single disadvantaged group that faced oppression in America, you’re not going to be left with a lot of people in the position who will be the ones paying.



American fugitive

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