The cost of voting for Biden

Not saying that the other candidate is better

Two old white men yelling at each other

First let’s assess Biden’s qualifications:

  1. He’s not Trump
  2. He’s not Trump
  3. He’s not Trump

So what if we have no idea who Biden is? What is the cost of getting him into office?

Most of you reading this have probably done some type of analysis before at work. Maybe it was the conclusion of a marketing campaign and you wanted to see how it performed. Maybe it was an AB test and you wanted to see which strategy worked better. Maybe it was the launch of a new product offering.

The Democratic party can force its preferred candidate on the electorate

Going back to what I mentioned earlier — absolutely no one is or was excited about Biden. But he was, from the start, the preferred candidate from the party leadership.

Minorities will vote Democratic no matter what

This is really, really dangerous. Many of you may not believe this or understand the phenomenon so easily,so let me illustrate with a business analogy.

Your vote is a vote, but it’s also a data point

And that data point will be analyzed objectively to seek out patterns that can be exploited for the future.

My vote is to abstain

For me, my vote is going to be to abstain.



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