Losing the ultimate social crutch

And why you’re more of an alcoholic than you care to admit

I’d rather have a death sentence

In the summer between my junior and senior year at college, I was going for a routine annual health check-up.

Everyone in college is an alcoholic

The first week back on campus is usually a wild one. There are friends who haven’t seen each other for months reuniting. There’s new freshmen on campus who are excited to drink for the first time and let loose without their parents nearby. There’s all the excitement that a new school year will bring.

My personal rehab

The year eventually got better. I never (even to this day) learned how to be the center of attention again at a party without alcohol. But I did learn how to reject drinks without feeling awkward. And I began to learn how to socialize with others without having the initial discussion be focused on drinking.



American fugitive

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