Black History Month — celebrating Black privilege

Ken Dow ✈️
3 min readFeb 3, 2022

It’s that time of the year again — black history month. This is the time when the mainstream media will force upon you its narrative of “systemic black oppression”. The mainstream media will remind you that Blacks are the only type of people who face oppression. The mainstream media will also tell you to shut your mouth and that you don’t know what you’re talking about if you dare to say anything otherwise.

Well, I’m ready to be told to shut my mouth.

Blacks have faced oppression — absolutely. But they do not have a monopoly on that. And there’s plenty of facts to suggest that they’re nowhere near the top.

When I think of Black history month, I think of Black privilege. I think of how Blacks are given the cultural and societal protection to do whatever they want and also receive a fraction of the punishment and scorn that another race would receive should they have done the same thing.

Here, let me walk through a recent piece of news that will demonstrate this incredibly well.

Over the last week, a former UCLA Philosophy lecturer, by the name of Matthew Harris, was arrested after threatening to carry out a mass shooting.

First point of privilege, the media will not verbally attack Blacks.

The headline written above doesn’t sound so bad. Maybe someone just had a bad day and decided to send a regrettable message that could have been phrased a better way. Nope, that’s not the full story.

  • Matthew Harris, 31, sent an expletive-ridden email to the UCLA Philosophy department.
  • The email contained an 800-page manifesto where he also discussed attacking CU in Boulder, Colorado
  • He had previously threatened to hunt down and kill a female University of California professor and was subsequently barred from going near her
  • He also uploaded 300 videos on YouTube about mass shootings before YouTube took them down.
  • Police there arrested him on Tuesday near campus; a shelter-in-place order had been issued — classes have been cancelled and disrupted, students sent home
  • Police report that Harris had tried previously to buy a gun, but was turned away
  • When he was a UCLA lecturer, he had received multiple complaints from students and other faculty
  • Police in Colorado say they are still going through his manifesto but that it was ‘alarming’ in its violence

Doesn’t it sound so much worse now? Imagine if the perp was a different type of person. Perhaps the media would have actively pushed this story more? Perhaps the media would have been more damning in its coverage?

Second point of privilege, the media will not even show Black perps.

For the few media sites that decided to cover this story at all, we all know that it was buried in the archives that few would see unless they were actively searching for it.

Perhaps unsurprising to many, the photo of the perp was never shown.

  • Here’s the LA times, showing an irrelevant photo of campus being evacuated.
  • Here’s the Washington Post, showing a photo of UCLA’s campus FROM SEVEN YEARS AGO. Yup, that’s very relevant to this story.
  • Here’s the New York Times, NOT COVERING THE STORY AT ALL

Anyways, you get the point. The more you dig down into this mess, the more ridiculous it seems.

This Black History month, yes — it is important to remind ourselves that Blacks have faced oppression and in many ways, lead a difficult life.

But PLEASE, do not let that translate to cultural and societal invincibility, when they themselves are the cause of issues.