In 2020, at least 18 Asian Americans were killed in unprovoked attacks by strangers.

I’m guessing the majority of you cannot recall a single name. Here, let me help you out:

  • Weizhong Xiong
  • Huayi Bian
  • Dy Douangkeo
  • Kim Phok
  • Rodney Hu
  • Kelvin Chew
  • Susie Zhao
  • Fahim Saleh
  • Tam Dinh Tran

Before you get upset and say that I’m not taking this seriously, I don’t mean “so what?” as in this doesn’t matter.

I mean “so what?” as in, after this heinous act, how should we think about what actions led to the environment that encouraged this shooter to go on…

How can other writers avoid censorship on Medium

Okay — let’s not get into a big argument on what is the official definition of censorship.

Not saying that the other candidate is better

Two old white men yelling at each other

We’re less than two weeks away from the US election. I know that this article is being posted on Medium so there’s probably something like a one in a million chance of you supporting Trump.

Don’t worry — this is not a post about supporting Trump.

We all already know…

Time for some education

Pick anyone you know and ask them this question: name me three Black people who were unjustly murdered. I’m willing to bet anything that that person will be able to name three names easily.

Now, with the same person, ask them this question: name me just one Asian person who…

Not that I’m downplaying how bad the virus is

I get it — COVID is bad. Especially here in the US where despite spending the most on healthcare and having the most sophisticated citizen tracking tools, the numbers are still atrocious and getting worse day by day.

The case count and the death count is the highest in the…

Whatever you imagine, it’s even worse

No matter who you are, you’ve probably had to experience at least a few hard things this year as a result of COVID. Perhaps, you lost a family member or a close friend. Perhaps, the business that you spent the last few decades building fell into disarray over the course…

The oppressed becomes the oppressor

You’re angry. I get it. How could someone dare to call out Black Americans when they face so much systemic racism?

And this is exactly what Black privilege is — somehow, being a victim to someone else’s privilege means that you cannot exercise your own form of privilege over others.

Yes, we can still talk about this while supporting BLM

I grew up in a poor inner city neighborhood in the 90s. Like many poor inner city neighborhoods, the racial makeup of the city leaned heavily Black. But by no means were the poor only Black — there was enough poverty and hardship to go around for all races living…

What the facts tell us

There are few things in the world more disingenuous than people making up stories to fit their own narrative of how the world works. Sometimes, I truly question whether they really feel a certain way about something, or they are truly just that desperate to twist the facts in their…

Ken Dow ✈️

Asian American dude // left the US and never looked back

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